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Perfume Persona

(Click on infographic for full size) Everyone has a perfume personality, just like the fragrances you find most appealing share different characteristics. To some, the perfect fragrance may come from a jolt of nostalgia, the smell resembling

The Top Five Tattoo Designs You May Regret

When you are deciding on a tattoo, it is important to keep one thing in mind: what is relevant now may not be relevant later in life. Most people don’t realize exactly how permanent really is, and

Bra Facts For Fashionistas

Did you know that 83% of women wear the wrong sized bra? This is a staggeringly high percentage seeing as most underwear shops and departments stores offer a free measuring service. It is believed that one of

How-To: Fruity and Fresh Nail Art

 Nail art has been a huge trend for the past year or so, however DIY nail art has boomed the past couple of months. It’s all about individuality here, and taking inspitaion from the things you love.

Fake tan tips

Fake tan: it’s likely you either love it or you hate it. Whether you’re a regular faker or are a first-timer looking to brighten up your body, here’s our top five tips to transform your body from

How-To: Summer braids

Braids are always big in summer no matter what. This season has seen braids with an extra twist popping up all over the catwalks, from cascading plaits to looped knots, all are relatively easy and all look

How-To: Perfectly pencilled in eyebrows

I’m always surprised by how many of my friends go without pencilled in eyebrows in their daily makeup routine…  Even if you are blessed with gorgeous, full eyebrows, a well sharpened, (then blunted on the top of

Face wipes and sensitive skin – Which ones are best?

Sensitive skin – What are the best face wipes? ……More at What are the best face wipes | Beauty Yellow More Reading This Girls Life: Review: La Fresh Oil-Free Face Cleanser Wipes

How-to: Soft skin, stickiness free

Check out LUSH cosmetics massage bars, portable, mess free and 100% natural. A travel kit must-have whether traveling home or away this summertime for soft skin…     This was my first massage bar which I picked

How-To: Summer bright eyeshadow

Unlike any other season, summer is the one time you can really let loose with the lesser used brights in your make up palletes. Don’t be too shy to mix bright eyes with neon lips. Cut the